Reading Notes – A Will to Learn – Barnett

Reading Notes  

Barnett, R. (2007). A Will to Learn. Maidenhead: Society for Research into Higher Education & Open University Press, p.Chapter 8.

This list basically forms a brilliant outline for induction for the students  


Epistemic Virtues and interest in understanding the world and human virtues – a virtuous circle of knowing and wanting to know  

P105 – How does this virtuous circle of knowing and wanting to know effect students who haven’t had the circumstance of early education to develop and grow the passion for learning or the ability or resource’s to push with it. This is a very privileged standpoint “Where does one break into this?”  

Yes having a teacher that inspires you to want to know more is excellent but only afforded to some.  

For example can a student who has not been exposed to critical argument beyond ” I don’t like it’ ever fully understand the reasoning behind critical thinking, evaluation and experimentation. This goes to the Susan’s ((Good Students ) and Rogers (Not Good)  

It is the role of the teacher to help kindle the students interest etc etc…. how is this possible the growing numbers and distancing through blended learning and distance courses.  

The linguistics around roles P108 

Teacher, lecturer, facilitator, etc – This is an ongoing personal argument I have with myself. I’m not a lecturer – I don’t lecture. I’m not a teacher as this feels to didactic. Supervisor is good and could work.  


P 108/109 It is so true about the importance of personal development beyond skills and processes – this is the main issue around PD within my college and their outlook of course such as the one I am on.  

Authentic engagement instead of concentrating solely on the elements they are being assessed on. This needs to happen through flexibility of the curriculum. How can we sculpt the briefs and projects to suit students individual interests in the ability to spark this Authentic engagement? 

Interrogating Practice

DCC110 Essay and research module in year one – we are attempting to keep this module as flexible and student focused as possible in order to help spark this Authentic Engagement. But how can we do more – Allowing students to submit more holistically in a format that suits them (Blog/webpage/epic A4 Ring binder of print outs etc)  

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